The Abstract & Surreal Artwork of Colleen D. Gjefle

The Abuse Series

“Fighting the Ghosts”

The Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This is an artistic chronology reflecting the various phases I experienced while trying to come to terms with childhood sexual abuse. It took me decades to push past the repression and denial to finally deal with this particularly savage issue. I hope that what I have expressed artistically might help others who have also suffered. I present this artwork in homage to the little girl inside of me who was so tragically harmed, and to all the other children like her. — Colleen D. Gjefle


  childhood-brokenAbuse Series Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Cataclysm
  4. Anti-Social Behavior
  5. I’m Afraid
  6. Nightmares
  7. Feeding Frenzy
  8. Betrayal
  9. I was Innocent
  10. Pain & Isolation
  11. Hurt Hate
  12. Grandpa, Why was I Sacrificed for You?
  13. Childhood Broken
  14. Before & After
  15. Broken Toy Broken Child
  16. Struggling to Emerge
  17. You Made the Colors of My World Bleed
  18. Genesis
  19. Blossom
  20. Still Some Garbage But It’s Getting Better
  21. Blue Angel – Reclaiming My Childhood
  22. Always Smiling, Always Hidden
  23. The Premonition Had a Relapse
  24. The Premonition Dreamt It was a Child
  25. Chrysalis
  26. Recollections
  27. Sanctuary
  28. Conclusion