Artist Statement

As an artist, I strive to visually capture a world that lives beyond our conventional senses. Arriving at the images that appear on my canvases is akin to a spiritual experience for me, for these images are those of morality, metaphysics and of dreams. Since childhood, I have been intrigued with the spiritual realm and as I grew, so did the urge to experience and somehow relate to these other dimensions.

<p “>There was a time when I thought through every detail in a painting. But I gradually began to try to let my subconscious take more control of the process. This led to some paintings becoming more abstract, with others still retaining a distinctly surreal feel. I’m no longer always striving for the “deep” meanings in my works. While at one time I wanted to “understand” my paintings, I now often prefer to “feel” them. We can only intellectually understand things to a limited degree, but we can feel to the depth of our souls.

Do I want others to understand my paintings? I will share my interpretations if they exist for a particular work, but each person naturally interprets a work of art according to their own personality and experiences. So I try to let my paintings “simply be”. This also allows me to see a work somewhat differently each time I look at it, depending on my frame of mind or my day’s experiences. With my artwork, I can hopefully understand myself and my world a little bit more, and to share it with others.

“To understand everything is to forgive everything” – Buddha